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Session 1 (Level 1)

  • [Victor] I was just thinking about the time we all met. You were so cute back then, Ocha.
  • [Ocha] “Ha ha.” The winged oracle rubbed the back of his neck, admitting a sheepish smile, “I think we were all different back then. Still, it seems so long ago that I was that bumbling Larvite you met, with the dream of preparing and serving the Feast.” He closed his eyes, “Still, I am glad that you insisted that I join you. You guys have made life certainly…” he paused, searching for the right word, “…interesting.”
  • [Zephyr] “I found you in a bush, not two days from my school.” You were hiding from a…" In retrospect, Zephyr remembered scaring off a housecat, “…predator. That night was the first time you read my future. I did not believe you.”

Session 2 (Level 10)

  • [Taylor] “That giant was hot. I definitely could have taken her. I think she would have gotten a good hit or two on me and then it would have been over….yeah….she knew it…yeah…Electra and Zafire had it all under control…yeah…I’m awesome! You’ve still got it, cowboy! Still…she was pretty hot for a giant…..”

Temporary Forums

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