A full moon peeks out from behind silver-lined clouds. Crickets and owls sing the song of night. A bright and cheery campfire burns amidst a group of travel-worn adventurers. The day’s catch roasts on a spit, the fat rolling off, popping in the flames. The friends sing bawdy limericks, tell tall tales, and joke at each others expense. The ale flows freely and spirits are high. Then during a lull in the festivities, one of them sits back, pokes an elbow into his neighbors ribs, and begins the next tale with, “Do you remember the time…?”

This campaign is not an epic adventure, though there will be adventure. It is not a story of world-saving heroics, though there will be heroics. It is not your typical tale following the pattern of the hero’s journey. This is an anthology of adventures. It is a collection of stories told in flashback by a group of friends who have the luxury of sitting around a campfire and looking back at the good times and the bad times. Each member of this game will take their turn at the head of the table, behind the screen, serving up the next tale to be told. And each one begins with,
“Do you remember the time…?”

Campfire Tales

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